Environment & safety

MIDEL quality policy: achievement and maintenance of high quality under ship repairing within terms stipulated by the contract being.

Environmental care

Environmental activity is an integral part of business processes of SSRZ Midel. The plant activity is focused on maintaining a favorable ecological situation in the region:

Implementation of energy-saving technologies;
The plant territory beautification, landscaping and cleaning;
Cleaning of the water protection zone and protected shoreline belts of the river Aksai arm;
Control of emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air;
Ensuring compliance with the requirements for prevention of accidents related to waste management.

The company activity fully complies with the norms and requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. For timely prevention, detection and elimination of potential violations, the company has created a special environmental service.

Labor safety

The well-being of the company's employees is a priority goal of the plant management.
The created working conditions fully meet the standards and requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

On the territory of SSRZ Midel there is an aid post that can provide first aid in case of emergency situations.

Department of labor protection and safety performs the preventive and advisory functions to ensure safe working conditions, aimed at minimizing the risk of emergency situations.

The territory of SSRZ Midel is under the 24 hours control of its own fire-fighting service. Employees of this service monitor all stages of ship repair in order to estimate possible risks. The plant has its own fire truck - tank truck АЦ-2,5-40 (131) — 004ПС, and the SLIP is equipped with fire alarms.

SSRZ Midel is certified by the Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare