Scheme of the plant

MIDEL quality policy: achievement and maintenance of high quality under ship repairing within terms stipulated by the contract being.

Scheme of the plant



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1. Single-storey piping shop with a metal frame
Piping works
Repair of ship fittings
Repair of heat exchangers of main engines and diesel generators
Repair of steam and water heating boilers
Associated works
2. PRU workshop - Repair section for Propeller-Rudder Unit
Repair of propeller shafts
Repair of propellers
Repair of steering gear
Shaft lines and main engines alignment
Repair and production of shaft line bearings with a set of rubber segments
Replacement and repair of stern tubes
3. MRW (maintenance and repair workshop) - Universal process section
Repair of ship pumps, boilers and units
Repair of anchor and mooring equipment
Repair and manufacturing of locking devices
Replacement of fabricated rubber products
Associated works
4. HWB shop
Hull welding section
Hull welding works
Gas cutting works
Fabrication and installation of steelworks
Replacement of wooden fender guard
Replacement of wooden floorings
Associated works
Cleaning and painting works
Work with the anchor chain
Rigging works
Associated works